Sunday, 26 June 2011

Open water swim phase

Ah, the time has come to start open water swimming! Much as I would love to keep
putting it off as I am well aware that the sea in general and the North Sea in particular
is freezing at the moment, the time has come to get rubbered up and dive in! I have
met up with a local couple called Hannah and Robert who have much experience in
this area – Robert is a Channel Swimmer himself and Hannah is Chief Crew – who
have advised me of the best places to swim. Lincoln triathlon club don’t start their
open water sessions in the lake until the beginning of May so I am going to have to
brave the open water off the coast until then. Hannah and Robert have recommended
a place called Anderby Creek so happily I am going to spend my next few weekends
pootling about there. My father and mother-in-law to be are going to come over and
accompany Adam and I to the coast as Mike will come and kayak for me while Adam
and Ellen walk the shore. I have no idea how cold it will be but I have decided not to
bother investing in a neoprene hat or booties etc as I am not going to use them during
the A2A so I may aswell start getting used to the cold now!!

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