Monday, 24 January 2011


I am ashamed that I haven't written in this blog for over a month but things have just been so busy! Adam and I went home to France for Xmas which was fantastic and I managed to keep some running going over the Xmas period which was better than doing nothing. We also had a lovely 2hr walk on Boxing Day which will appease the 'time on your feet' proponents! The journey was epic though - the snow had been so bad that, whilst decideding to drive probably worked well as it meant we avoided the mainly closed airports, the journey did take forever. Still we got there and back pretty much on schedule so we can't complain especially as so many people were stuck and couldn't get home. It was lovely to be with my parents and sister and to spend some time at my parents' new house.

By New Year's Eve pool closures etc had conspired against me and I still hadn't completed my 10kms in the pool that was my final 2010 target. So early in the morning and headed off and 3.5hrs later was all done and feeling very pleased with myself. All in all a successful end to the year and I think I am just about on track for Lanzarote. We saw the New Year in with 3 other couples and got much enjoyment from playing 'the name game'. This involves each person writing the name of eight famous people on pieces of paper and then placing them in a hat. People are divided into two teams and take it in turn to pick a name from the hat and describe it to the rest of their team. They have to try and get as many names as possible during 30secs before it is the other team's go. Once all the names have been used up from the hat, the team with the most correct guesses is the winner. All sorts of competitive personas were revealed and it just shows you don't have to spend much money (or even be that creative) to have a good time!!

So far January has been ridiculously busy. Adam and I returned to work on 4th January and I went straight into handing over my role to my replacement. That coupled with trying to prepare for my new job which I started on 17th January, packing the house in preparation for our move on the 15th January and also trying to organise the logistics of both the Lanzarote Ultra and the RAF Triathlon Team overseas training camp meant I was pushed to do any sort of meaningful training at all.

We moved up to Lincolnshire on the 15th Jan and I started my new role on the Monday. I think it is going to be a very interesting job and for once I understand what I am actually supposed to be achieving in my time here which is a revelation! However, the move and trying to get our house let in Milton Keynes is still proving stressful and not even the severely motivating factor of there only being 5weeks left until the Lanzarote Ultra is persuading me to train. I haven't been feeling that great since the beginning of the year so I am hoping the extra rest is helping as opposed to hindering my fitness. I am really trying to re-establish the routine and rhythmn I was in before the move but without putting myself under too much pressure. I have the running upto 24miles and this weekend should be a big one with a planned 12kms in the pool on Friday followed by a 26mile run on Sunday and a follow-up 10mile run on the Monday. Fingers crossed I can meet those targets as then I'll feel a bit more on track. Suffice to say I am still not doing any biking!! Oh well, you have to pick your battles!!!