Monday, 1 March 2010

Chocolate Concrete

Well, after thinking it was just going to be a nice steady week with some good training weeks it turned out somewhat different. As stated, I trained well and consistently through Monday and Tuesday but on Wednesday I woke up exhausted with a slightly sore throat which Adam also seems to have. I had grand plans for training but actually couldn't face it. I was very emotional as well for some reason, getting panicky and even a bit weepy about allowing myself a day off. Instead of just recognising I was a bit tired and accepting that and resting I got very het up and worried about losing training time etc. I think it is the biggest difficulty for a self-coached athlete to know when to put the training in and when to back off. I even wrote on the forums how I was feeling and asked for people to gee me up and get me out training. A few comments later I was motivated enough to get to the gym (normally easily enough to get me inside and training - the hard part is leaving my desk) but this time I actually just reached the car park, pulled straight through and carried on driving. Went to Starbucks for a coffee and just to try and relax and get a moment to myself. It was definitely a sign that I needed to chill and rest. Took the evening off aswell after promising myself I would work hard on intervals and a maasive bike the next day.

Unfortunately I had CCS the next day - every year military personnel are required to redo their Common Core Skills in First Aid, NBC Training, Weapon Handling and Shoots. I passed everything no problem but it took up most of the day. I managed to slip away at lunch for a short session (aiming to do the 1M Jog, 3M Fast (25mins), 1M Jog session I had missed the day before) but I felt exhuasted. Battled through to do 1M Jog, 2M Fast (16mins), 1M Jog and then called it a day. Also canned the big bike session I had planned that evening and instead had a bath, got into my big fluffy dressing gown and watched tv. What a luxury and probably what was needed.

As I was racing this weekend I also cut my Friday sessions down to only a 75min swim - I figured there was no point trying to make up the missed sessions and I didn't want to be running before the race anyway. If I had felt totally fit I would have put an interval session in but I didn't, I still fet tired and my knee has been sore since the 19miler on Monday. And I was glad I didn't as I had a really nice swim - main set was 4 x (400m Swim, 200m Pull Biltaeral) and all the 400ms were under 7:30 with total ease which I was very happy about - works out around a 71min swim for the IM which is what I did at Germany so for non-race, early season without a wetsuit - I feel like I am in a good place.

Spent Saturday off as we had to travel up north to see our friends and Adam's parents and prepare for the race the next day. We had a lovely meal with our friends - some fab lasagne and the famous Yorkshire 'Chocolate Concrete' which is a pparently a childhood staple of those round the Doncaster area and something I have been wanting to try for ages. I had a slab with some custard and was a very happy child! Off to bed by 10.30 in advance of the Sleaford 1/2 Marathon in the morning.

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