Thursday, 12 August 2010

2010 Double Ironman Race Report (Part 2)

Race Day:

Woke up around 6.30am which was nice though it did feel odd that there were already people out there who had started their races and were on their way. Unplugged all the batteries I had felt the need to re-charge overnight despite them being fully charged when we left home in case they ‘de-charged’ themselves (!), and got ready for breakfast. Normally I have no dramas eating breakfast and have got the IM routine down-pat. Porridge with sugar or honey and sultanas, orange juice and tea then soreen and banana whilst setting up transition. As there was breakfast being put on in the hotel I thought I would do but to be honest I didn’t feel like eating any of it. Struggled through a bowl of Alpen, some Apple Juice, a yoghurt and a plain piece of really cheap and gross white bread. Back to the room to pack up and have a cup of tea and we were back at Friary Grange before 8am.

We couldn’t rack until 8.15am so I decided to drive the bike course whilst there were no athletes out there. The course seemed ok with just enough points of interest to act as markers and break it up into chunks. I could tell the return leg would be slower than the outward leg as there was a short steep hill over a train line and a long drag through some woods to contend with. Back to Friary Grange just after 8.15am and racked the bike after having my helmet and lights checked by Eddie. Then began the torturous process of lugging all the kit and food boxes to the tent from the car a good 300m away. Thankfully the tent had survived the night and now looked Lilliputian compared to the other behemoths surrounding it in the athlete’s village. I was knackered by the time we had got all the boxes into it and just wanted to lie down and contemplate the day ahead. However, we had a last minute Morrisons trip to do to get the fresh things such as rolls and milk so there was no time to stop. We had to be ready to go pool-side by 10.45am so, after returning from Morrisons, I decided it was about time to get down there. At this point my in-laws arrived which was wonderful so I support crew of three for the swim. We headed down to the pool around 10am as it takes me a good 20minutes to get my wetsuit on!! I was absolutely boiling and I think all crew members were relieved when told I only needed them at the beginning of the swim and the end so they were free to get fresh air for the rest of the time!

It was great to see some of the Triple athletes still swimming – the fastest amongst them were already out of the bike but at this stage only 4hrs had elapsed so the majority were still there. We saw Pink Sally who said the Rev had done well and was about 5th out and that no one else was having too many problems which was good news. Around 10.15 am I started liberally lubing up with Body Glide and dragging my wetsuit on. I was continually stressing at this stage about how much energy it seemed to be taking out of me just to do simply things like get my wetsuit on and I did wonder how on earth I’d make it through the day! At 10.45am, Steve began calling us down to our lanes so red hat, earplugs, goggles and nutrition in hand, I hugged all my crew and nervously made my way down to my lane, number 5.

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