Monday, 14 December 2009


As readers of this blog will know, Herbalife are doing a wonderful job in supporting me with their nutritional products. I was thinking over my last post and how run down I have been and think it is no surprise that I have been extremely nutritionally poor over the last fortnight. What with being so busy, feeling rubbish and Ad being on nights (meaning I can't really be bothered to cook as it is just me) I have mostly been surviving on toast, cereal, crumpets, teacakes......hmmm, spot the theme. What training I have managed to do has been such short sessions that I haven't bothered with my normal recovery strategy of Herbalife Formula 1 powder and I certainly haven't been making my 2 litres a day - well, not unless Lemsip counts!

The lack of fruit, vegetables, good protein and adequate hydration has, I'm sure, contributed to a vicious cycle of being run down and not training. Feeling so rubbish that all I want to do is curl up with the afore mentioned crumpets means I don't prioritise healthy meals and am thus missing out on crucial vitamins and minerals hence lowering the immune system further and leaving me susceptible to further cold and flu symptons.

Having had a good double run day (16miles this morning and 6 miles at lunch) with both runs followed by yummy Herbalife Formula 1 chocolate recovery mix, I feel I may just be on the road to recovery. It was certainly a timely reminder that if I am going to train at these levels it is not like previously where I have just been doing a marathon or even an Ironman. Training like this is properly moving into the realm of the professional athlete and, though I am but an amateur, I need to start behaving more professionally and supporting my body through good nutrition, hydration and recovery.

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