Thursday, 15 October 2009

Pamper (?!) time

If you can count sports massage as pamper time then I guess I have been truly pampered this week! I had my first visit to Andrew McKenna, who is going to do my massage for the challenge. We both trained as therapists through the London School of Sports Massage (I was with the North London School) so I understood the way Andrew went about the treatment and could talk about various aspects of it with him which was really helpful. Andrew is a former international runner and has studied and trained both here and America, having someone with that level of knowledge supporting you is a fantastic help. His Dad is also a coach and has links to Milton Keynes Athletics Club so he knows all the haunts round our way!

The real pampering began when my wonderful products arrived from the Green People. Green People specialise in organic face and body care and is one of the biggest names in organic beauty in the UK. They have sent me a wonderful selection of products to pamper my poor body with when it all gets too much! I am racing a duathlon this weekend and my reward for completing it is a lovely hot bath and a full session with all my new potions and lotions. They have also sent me some of their suncare range which is fantastic as I try to use organic products where I can but always find it difficult to get a good cream that offers protection aswell as utilising organic products. I know I will be slathering it on especially during some of my longer swim sessions.

Training continues reasonably well - the consistency part is definitely getting there and I am really pleased with how running is going. I had two days off Sunday and Monday and actually I felt much more tired and run down from having the two days off in a row than I normally do from just having one. I also have a day off today so rescheduled my long run for this afternoon. I really didn't want to go out and do it and having been up early for a promotional shoot in Swindon that was then cancelled (darn!) I went back to bed. The nap really helped and I feel much better than I have been doing for the last few days. I forced myself out for my run on a mile loop round the house. The Double Ironman format is 42laps of approximately a mile so I thought I may aswell try and mentally prepare for that. It also meant I could have access to a nutrition stop as I passed the house every mile. It actually went very well and I completed the 12 laps in 1:42:44 including a two min stop for the loo and refuel. Maybe I have the sub 1:50 half mara in me I so want! The Henlow 10 is next week and is my first B race off the season - I'd love to go sub 1:25 and I did the 10miles today in 1:26:15 with the 2mins break included so it is possible though the course is more challenging that the loop I was running.

The big break through today though was that I actually felt like a runner. My heart rate settled within the high 150s within the first mile and settled between that and the mid-160s for the rest of the run. I felt like I was actually 'running' and pushing and focusing etc the whole way run instead of just plodding. I didn't start slowly because I was worried about bonking and I kept a constant pace all the way - it was a controlled 'hard' feeling which after this run I'm not scared of anymore - I've realised this is how running is supposed to be and, don't get me wrong, jogging can be hard work too if you go long enough but I am going to try and be a 'runner' from now on! We'll see how it goes. :)

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