Thursday, 8 October 2009

Du Blues

I went to watch Adam and his friend Chris compete in their first Duathlon last Sunday (Ad sporting his nice warm Chocolate Fish merino wool socks!). They both had a great first run in what were pretty wet conditions then headed out on the bike. As it was his first duathlon Chris had borrowed a bike and disaster struck about half way through the course when his tyre popped. I was duly summoned from my support/photographer spot at transition to come and help him out. Unfortunately he hadn't realised he was racing on tubs so we couldn't fix the problem with the tools we had so I had to pick him up and bring him back. Such a disappointment in his first race. However, he has picked himself up and promptly signed up for another one (the 1485 No Frills Duathlon). As Ad is at work it has been left to yours truly to race with him for moral support. I shall basically train through it before having a few days taper before my first 'B' race of the season - the Henlow 10. Ad finished in a little over two hours which given he had stopped with Chris to try and help him out, he is pleased with.

On our way back to transition one of the other racers veered off the road and had a fall into a ditch at the side. We couldn't see what had caused the problem but unfortunately it was a nasty fall resulting in a dislocated shoulder and me having to call 999. High drama! Luckily, one of the next racers along happened to be a doctor so she assessed him and agreed he could be moved down to transition where a St John's ambulance crew would be able to help him. She was probably cursing the Hippocratic oath as any chance of a good time faded away but I am sure he was very grateful!

This has been my first recovery week in the cycle and sessions have been shortened and a swim and weights session removed. Had a good hour run yesterday despite feeling very lethargic before I started. When I get out of the routine in things like recovery weeks or tapers I tend to get very tired and demotivated but actually once I am in doing the session, I tend to feel quite strong. So these weeks are a good psychological challenge more than a physical one and, as we know that doing the events I have chosen it will always be a mental battle, they're probably good training!

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